Transtech Outdoor Panoramic LED Display Shining in Stockholm: Customized is Part of Our DNA Published:2018-12-25

Subsequent to the success of projects of Stureplan building and Arlanda airport in Stockholm, Sweden, Transtech launched the third amazing project - Transtech outdoor panoramic LED display. Recently the panoramic LED display tailored for the well-known building in Stockholm has been completed and put into use. Featured with unique shape, the panoramic LED display adds a splendid landscape in Stockholm, a city known as Northern Venice. Our customer appreciates it as “a wonderful display masterpiece that will forever add charming to this building”.

LED display

The panoramic LED display adopts customized outdoor fixed screen featuring with 6.25mm pixel pitch, independent waterproof design and ultra-high brightness outdoor SMD LED light bar. The building sightseeing platform are all around fully covered with Transtech outdoor P6.25 LED screen that thoroughly brings out the splendid panorama of the platform. When people on the platform are enjoying the scenery of the street, there always will be someone on the street who are attracted by the LED display scenery on the platform.

The customized appearance design brings amazing performance, and Transtech unique craftsmanship enhances attraction of the panoramic screen as well. The panoramic LED display adopts large module design and structured with cabinets, avoiding complex steel structures and at the same time easily resolving the “L” turning problem of traditional LED displays. Transtech creatively combines the steel structure with cabinet frame to reduce the difficulty in construction, save installation costs, and keep well integrate with the building. Transtech’s advanced design concept, strict attitude and precise operation in construction have won high praise from customers. 

panoramic LED display

Transtech’s panoramic LED display well-integrated unique style of the building with its creative appearance, vivid and fluent display and colorful pictures. People on the streets of Stockholm will be attracted by this large LED advertising screen, enjoying a wonderful visual feast at any time.


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