New Model LED display+ ? -- Transtech Shanghai Future Cube Performance Store Project Note Published:2016-05-17

Future Cube is a brand new Intelligent Products Performance Store set up along the high railway station. In 8th, May, the DJ UAV Performance Store in Tianshangfang Shopping Center, Shanghai was opened. With great popularity, Transtech provided an indoor HD LED display for the project, adopted the 2.5mm series, which were installed beside the door, and used to display the on sale product advertisements. Besides, Newtop 3D also provided a glass-free 3D LED display for this performance store, and which can be used for onsite interactivity. 

fine pitch led display

This project adopted the 2.5mm indoor HD products and size at 5sqm, installed behind the glass along the hall. This LED display can be viewed through the glass. Transtech’s indoor HD products are featured with brilliant display effect, seamless joint, viewed in a close distance, excellent color processing ability. As the star product, Transtech’s Discovery Series is also fit for the indoor usage. 

fine pitch led display

For the market competition getting fierce, LED display products are becoming homogeneous and lower profit. In order to get a new business model, many LED display enterprises are keen on seeking a new running method. And Transtech’s cooperation with Future Cube is an effective try. Future Cube is a new marketing method with new Intelligent Products Performance Store set up along the high railway station or subway station. High cost with high human traffic, with a LED display installed there, which can reach a completed sales logic from Advertising to experience, from online advertisement to real sales. Try to get connect with the society hotspot, and explore a new path as “LED display+”, it is believed that Transtech can earn its payback. 


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