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Pitch: 6.25mm(Outdoor)
Transtech Explorer series can be divided into indoor and outdoor application, and thanks to the unique cabinet design, Explorer series can also be applied in Rental LED display case.  

As the LED packaging technology getting better and better, the outdoor small pixel pitch LED product is going to replace light box, LCD display and become the main outdoor advertising media. Solved the problem of high brightness outdoor, outdoor small pixel pitch LED product can be widely applied for outdoor advertising, info broadcasting in transportation stations, showcases outside shopping malls. Transtech’s Explorer series is perfect for outdoor/semi-outdoor applications with its distinguishing features of high brightness, excellent waterproof, dustproof performance and convenient front maintenance service.

Transtech is proud of its indoor HD product, and Explorer series will not let you down. Advanced low brightness with high gray scale technology, high contrast ratio, excellent refresh ratio, and all these features guarantees a brilliant indoor display. 

High Definition delivery, wonderful visual experience

With pixel pitch of 6.25mm,

audience will get very comfortable image

delivery without granular sensation

even in a close viewing distance of 6-7 meter.

6.25mm Outdoor Rental LED Display

6.25mm Outdoor Rental LED Display

High refresh ratio

Refresh ratio up to 1920Hz guarantees instant information delivery.
No moire, no blue screen,  
dynamic images well handled.

High brightness, excellent color reproduction capability

Advanced brightness and color processing system
Guarantees a reliable performance.

High efficient LED chip, great contrast ratio,
low power consumption

High efficient LED chip plus black mask makes it a higher contrast ratio.

Meanwhile, low power consumption and less heat dissipation make
explorer an environment-friendly product.
6.25mm Outdoor Rental LED Display

6.25mm Outdoor Rental LED Display

Easy disassembly and installation, quick maintenance

It needs only ONE PERSON to finish the whole installation  
thanks to the light weight cabinets with special lock devices.
Less failure and low maintenance cost benefits our customers.

Module handle

Module handle on the back for replacement,

folding design save rooms.

6.25mm Outdoor Rental LED Display

6.25mm Outdoor Rental LED Display

High ingress protection

Adopted the waterproof connector
with best performance, front IP65/rear IP54

Easy side locks

Easy side locks devices lead to a quick

installation and disassembly.

6.25mm Outdoor Rental LED Display

6.25mm Outdoor Rental LED Display

Four cabinet handles

Four handles in one cabinet,
and only one person is needed to finish installation.

Cabinet corner locating pins

Die-casting cabinet corner locating pins improve

the security level even for super large size project.

6.25mm Outdoor Rental LED Display

6.25mm Outdoor Rental LED Display

Modular design

Modular design, four large size modules combine one cabinet.
Plus the folding handle design,
only three steps,
3 seconds is needed to finish one module replacement.

Best recommendation for Rental LED display application

Adopting high quality raw materials,

explorer series owns strong cabinets

with unique lock devices

which make it perfect for Rental Applications.

6.25mm Outdoor Rental LED Display

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